Selected events of Fusion 2Night

Bydgoska Str. (Institute PAS and Olsztyn School of Higher Education)

Science Roast – first comedy science stand-up
Soap Laboratory – design and create your own natural soap
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – hands-on workshop of dactyloscopic techniques used in forensic laboratories
Celliac disease tests – test your intolerance to gluten
Science Construgetti – discover the construction of bridges with your favourite spaghetti
Visit Fit-ZOO and take a look at the life in the lakes
Van de Graaff Generator – science show of electrostatic magic
You can DIY – hands-on workshops on designing your own creams with freeze-dried fruits
Experience 5D technology during adventure in a mobile cinema
Wheelchair basketball game
AirTrack – will humans ever learn to fly?
Good NIGHT magic – mesmerizing chemistry experiments
Snail power – taste edible snails and discover their role in regenerative medicine
Tricks of physics – live science show of physics curiosities
Tasty bacteria – meet the bacteria from your everyday menu
Liquid chromatography? - master the art of protein precipitation process
Transplantology and me – debate
Forest in a Casket – experience the crucial role of forest ecosystem and ways of protecting its biodiversity
Excuse me, could you repeat? – check if you suffer from hearing disorders in a mobile center of hearing pathology
Motivational meeting with Łukasz Jakóbiak “Sky is the limit”

Kortowo Campus (Library and Conference Center of the University of Warmia and Mazury)

“Teacher” Monodrama by Wojciech Pszoniak
Catch your mind – interactive exhibits of Copernicus Science Centre
Prescription dogs  – interactive dog training show
Have fun with English – language workshops
The World of illusion – science show of fascinating scientists
Where will I find GMO? – hands-on workshops with GMO products
Science show of gases properties
Technorevolution – experiments with computer-controlled sensors
Astronomy in a library – science show of night’s sky
Explorapark – play with qbotor, skyscrapers on fire and other interactive exhibits
Is it possible to see heat? – workshops on “invisible hand”
Gellish protein maps – workshops on obtaining proteins from a biological material
Do economists play games? – discover the theory underlying games and improve you chance for success
Fruits from different corners of the world – taste fruits considered forgotten, less common and exotic
DJI Phantom – science show of drones
To inflect or not to inflect? – learn the facts and myths on surnames
Wimland witch ointment (for flying)– how science supports local business
Does coffee always have to be coffee? – discover plants that can replace coffee
Cybereye – observations of the world n a microscale
Biofuels – hopes and limitations

City Centre

“Ready? Set? Tablet!” – direct your own movie!
Ebru – hands-on workshops on a Turkish technique of water painting
The Invisible – exhibitions of pictures seen with the eye of a microscope
Magic experiments – glue for water, square bubbles and other laboratory experiments
Have fun with English – warsztaty językowe dla dzieci
Walt Disney presents - warsztaty tworzenia filmów animowanych
ABC Balloon party – creative workshops with a Magic Balloon
Drones in the Innovation Museum  
Stained-glass tissues – exhibition of tissues captured in stained-glass)
Restored lake life